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Gladmat food festival Stavanger Norway

Gladmat is a food festival in Stavanger Norway that means many things to many people. If you want to sit with friends and have familiar food, you will find it - but you can also find strange and unusual food; many local producers of fish, meats, herbs, breads and other foods that you never knew existed; you can sit and watch master cooks taking part in gastronomic competitions. Ideas for dinner party place settings to parades - Gladmat has it all.

oysters, champagne and sunshine - in Stavanger
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from the parade - dressed as a rack of drying Klippfisk! Gladmat started in around 1999 and has grown in size and confidence, with exhibitors and sellers and outdoor cafes and restaurants filling up both sides of vaagen - the main harbour in central Stavanger.
Review of Gladmat 2006
When: Wednesday - Saturday 20 - 23 July 2016
Where: Vaagen harbour in central Stavanger Norway
Website: (norsk)
Nearly all the local restaurants and bars - plus galleries and shops - showcase their talents and specialities for Gladmat.
Tango had a very successful and popular stand years ago - before the restaurant opened - which has made it difficult to get a table there ever since.
Craigs has an amazing barbeque trailer built in the USA and imported specially by Craig that roasts vast quantities of tasty meats.
Several restaurants do variations on oysters or lobster with champagne - with varying success and sophistication.
Sala Thai seemed to be one of the few places to find vegetarian food in the past
Dare we mention it? - the weather has often (not always) been unexpectedly wonderful - not sure if this is just extremely lucky, or whether someone in the organisation has some very influential friends!

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ideas for dinner party place settings
all types of local specialities - like bread from Gamlavaerket If you get overwhelmed by the seemingly endless rows of stalls selling every type of food you could imagine - and more - then seek out the competitions (often near Timbuktu and run by the gastronomic institute) to watch true masters preparing food. It can be a fascinating - and humbling - experience, as you realise that your own skills are not even amateur compared to them!
Kids Verdict: Fun if it isn't too busy, with face painting and junior cooking courses available. In the past they had wristbands available so that parents could give names and contact information in case they escaped into the crowds - a great idea.

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VERY popular and a lot of people enjoy it
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