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Hyttes - or cottages

We are currently setting up a hytte rental booking system, which should be ready within a few weeks!
Hyttes are commonly translated to cottage, but they can be anything from a hut to a palace and are the main self-catering alternative in Norway. They are usually in the countryside rather than the towns, with the favourite locations being beside the sea or lake, or up in the mountains where skiing is available in the winter.

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All hyttes are self-catering. You normally have to bring your own sheets and towels (although these can be borrowed for an extra charge at most places). You have to thoroughly clean the hytte yourselves at the end of your stay (although you may be able to avoid this by paying to have the cleaning done for you)
close to heaven


In most hyttes you can expect electricity, water, several bedrooms (quite often small, with bunk beds, although times are changing) a kitchen, bathroom and lounge with log-burning stove. There is often an open loft area for extra bodies to sleep in, called a hems.
Ovens and Fridge/Freezers are normal; microwave ovens and dishwashers are not uncommon now. Standards of cookware, cutlery and other tools varies, but is normally not a problem. Bring any special tools you need, just in case (a good corkscrew, or garlic press, for example!)

a typical lounge interior

Camping hyttes

Please note that "camping", or "summer" hyttes (sometimes found at campsites) can be very basic and may have few if any amenities.


Hyttes are used widely by everyone here. Many Norwegian families own one (or more) and take it in turns to stay there, and many companies keep them to let their employees use them. Seaside hyttes are very popular through the summer (many have their own boat) while mountain hyttes are very busy through the winter. They are booked by the week at busy periods and mainly at weekends for the rest of the time.

kids LOVE the hems (loft)


Prices vary enormously, both for different hyttes AND for different times. A good mountain hytte for new year or easter may be four times as expensive as the low season rate.
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