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Aabobyen Sauda museum
Description: The Åbøbyen industrial workers museum in Sauda shows how life was for workers at the smelting works, with the downstairs of one house set up as a 1920s time-capsule and the other half as the 1960s. The other house contains industrial info and memories. The houses were built by the company in 1915 and were modern and "American" at the time

Haakonsgata in Åbøbyen
Location description: This museum is a house in Åbøbyen - the area of housing just north of the main factory in Sauda. The houses are now owned by individuals, who live in them.

Directions for getting there: From central Sauda, follow the FV 520 road (towards Røldal) over the bridge over the river, then past the sports fields on the left. Just before the factory entrance and next bridge, turn left, past the sculpture of the workers. The museum is on your right after 100 metres

Aabobyen Museum - workers house

address: Haakonsgata 51-53, 4201, Sauda

location: Ryfylke
distance Town centre: 300 metres

location map
Opening times:Daily at 12.00 during the summer (meaning late June to mid-August


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