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Norsk Hermetikk Museum

The Norsk Hermetikk Museum - or Norwegian Fish Canning Museum is set in an old fish-canning factory in the middle of Gamle Stavanger - the area of cobbled streets and old wooden houses that is the largest surviving wooden settlement in Northern Europe.
A great favourite and popular with children - come here on a day when they are smoking Sild (sardines) and take the tour.

Norwegian Canning Museum
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a guide - worth her weight in gold This popular museum brings to life the scenes of a century ago, when poor Norwegians who did not know what oil was worked hard for little money, cleaning, smoking, canning and cooking the sild - or sardines as you may know them.
Take a guided tour (no extra cost) as they can tell so much more than the now silent machinery.
On some days you can taste freshly smoked sardines, or try packing (plastic) sardines into the cans.
This museum is fascinating on a social level at least as much as on an industrial level.
The industry has been in decline since the 1920's and the last factory in Stavanger closed a few years ago.
This museum is part of Stavanger Museum and you can visit all 6 sites in one day for the price of one ticket.

By car / bus / train:
The hermetikk museum is in Gamle Stavanger, close to the main harbour, Vågen
Park in any of the central Stavanger car parks

Distance from Stavanger: 0 km

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young trainee sardine canners Travel time from Stavanger:

Duration of the visit:
an hour or so
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Kids verdict:
We quite liked packing sild, playing marbles upstairs and watching other people taste the fish
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