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Kite skiing near Haugastol on Hardangervidda

The area around Haugastol, including Hallingskarvet and west into Hardangervidda is an extremely exposed, fairly flat plateau area, very cold and often windy - quite dangerous - just the place for the rapidly growing sport of kite skiing then, which is sometimes called snowkiting.

a gentle breeze today so no aerobatics
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blue sky, sunshine, snowkiting The RV 7 road crosses Hardangervidda from Hardanger to Geilo and beyond, and is frequently closed during the winter. Driving between Duranut in Hordaland and Haugastol in Buskerud, are many popular places for kite skiing.

This is not a beginners sport - you are likely to be a good skier and have experience with kites. The ski equipment is likely to be Telemark binding.
Map reference:
By car:
Drive along RV 7, either from Hardanger at Eidfjord or from Geilo.
Beside the road where the snow plough has made space.
By train
There are trains stopping at Haugastol on the main Oslo - Bergen railway
Distance from Stavanger: 300 km
Distance from Geilo: 25 - 60 km

Helicopter flightseeing
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one of the kites with a man beside, for scale
an enormous area to ski on, powered by wind Travel time from Stavanger:
6 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
a lifetime?
accommodation etc at Haugastol
Kids verdict:
We can't do it yet, but the kites have nice colours.
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