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Mandal Town Centre

Mandal is an historic wooden settlement. It is the southernmost town in Norway and lies on both sides of the Mandal River. Enjoy a stroll through this pretty, well preserved town of white wooden houses. Mandal church (1821) is the largest wooden church in Norway.
Mandal celebrates with a Seafood festival, or Skalldyrfest , each August

Mandal is beside the river, leading to the sea
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flower and vegetable stalls Mandal is a lively town with lots of exciting shops.
Within five minutes of the town centre there is the Furulunden Nature Park and the fabulous Sjosanden beach.

Map reference:
Cappelens kart, Sor Norge-sor (scale:1: 325 000) 143 CF

Kartblad 1411II Mandal, 088 328

By car:
Take E39 to Mandal

Central carparks
By bus:

Bus from Stavanger or Kristiansand to Mandal
By train:

Train from Stavanger to Kristiansand and bus from Kristiansand to Mandal?
Distance from Stavanger: 185 km
Distance from Kristiansand: 35 km

Helicopter flightseeing
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a quiet back street
part of the car-free shopping area. Travel time from Stavanger:
3 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
1 hour or more
Central carparks
Shops, cafes and restaurants
Kids verdict:

See also:

Furulunden Nature Park

Sjosanden Beach 
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