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Utstein Kloster - the Abbey beside Mosterøy

The Abbey at Utstein Kloster was built around 1260, on the site of an earlier "Royal Farm". It was home to Augustine monks until the Reformation, when it fell into disrepair. Owned by the state since 1700, it was a home and farmhouse until restoration began. Today it is popular for concerts, weddings, meetings and as a museum.

the west end
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the east end Utstein Kloster is on Klosterøy (or Abbey island) which is connected to Fjøløy and Mosterøy, and more islands beyond. It is open every day except Monday, unless there is some special arrangement - which may mean early closing on Saturday for weddings. Restored over the last 100 years, it is unique in Norway
Close to the Kloster is the road across the bridge to Fjoloy and the lighthouse there. The network of islands now connected since the undersea tunnels of the E39 were built mean that it is possible to go 15 kilometers to the east end of Amoy, which makes a good bike ride.
Map reference:
Rogaland county map(scale 1:200 000) 3047 - 65567
By car:
Take the E39 north from Stavanger, through the first undersea tunnel (233 metres below sea level), past the toll booth, over the bridge, then turn right at the sign for Mosteroy. Turn left at the roundabout, then follow the road across Mosteroy to Klosteroy. The abbey is at the end of the road.
There are about 30 parking places at the abbey, if busy you may have to park at Utstein Kloster Hotell, which is by the canal between Mosteroy and Klosteroy.
By bus
Coast link bus, or nr.10 bus from Stavanger to Sokn toll booth then local bus 33
Distance from Stavanger: 20 km

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the door in the west end
the south side of the buildings Travel time from Stavanger:
25 minutes by car
Duration of the visit:
an hour or so
Carpark. Restaurant at the hotel, with shop nearby.
Kids verdict:
Maybe not too interesting, depending on their interests
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