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The Beaches

The Stavanger area has lovely beaches on Gandsfjord to the east and fabulous sandy beaches on the west coast. There are long sandy beaches, cosy pebble beaches, beaches with calm water for bathing and others with surf waves. So there is a beach in this area for whichever way the wind is blowing, or whatever your mood!

late swimmers enjoying the August sunset
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a winter suset at Borestrand
The Jaeren coastline is unique to Norway. From Tungenes to Brusand and Ogna (70km) there are lots of wonderful beaches - rocky beaches, pebble beaches and superb white sandy beaches with 25km of beautiful sand dunes.

The long sandy beaches of  Sande, Viste, Sola, Olberg, Vigdel, Hellesto, Sele - Bore and Orre are only 20-40 minutes' drive from Stavanger centre.

The recreational beach areas of Godalen and Vaulen are on Gandsfjord. Godalen is just 2.5km from the Stavanger town centre. Vaulen has a wonderful water-park area for children.

The beaches are fabulous on a hot summer's day and equally fantastic for an energising walk in a storm. The coastal walks linking the beaches are beautiful whatever the weather.

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April surfing at Borestrand
a busy summer day at Sande
Surfing and kite-flying are popular. You may be lucky and have a chance to take part in a kite-making workshop or see kite-flying competitions on the beaches if you are here in the Spring.

Rent a cottage (hytte) on the beach or enjoy a day trip and go back to Stavanger for the nightlife.

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early spring at Borestrand
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