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Festivals and events in the Stavanger area

This area includes the cities of Stavanger and Sandnes, plus Sola, Randaberg and the coastal and rural areas between.

There are a surprising number of festivals and events going on at various times of the year - some are musical, some celebrate food, or sport, or life around boats.
Most are at least partly interesting to children, and most celebrate the rich cultural life in the area.

We found 11 festivals and other special events

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Stavanger Vinfest Stavanger Vinfest STAVANGER
(central Stavanger)
0 km April
Wining and dining parties in Stavanger

Beach volleyball Stavanger Beach Volleyball Grand Slam Stavanger STAVANGER
(central Stavanger)
0 km June
The FIVB world tour event in Norway

Gladmat food festival Gladmat Stavanger STAVANGER
(central Stavanger)
0 km July
big food festival in Stavanger

ONS 2016 Stavanger ONS 2016 Stavanger STAVANGER
(Stavanger Forum, Madlakrossen)
2 km August
Offshore Northern Seas exhibition

Tall Ships Race 2018 Stavanger Tall Ships Race 2018 Stavanger STAVANGER
(central Stavanger)
0 km July
sailing ships race comes to Stavanger

MaiJazz Stavanger MaiJazz Stavanger STAVANGER
(central Stavanger)
0 km May
Stavanger International Jazz Festival

ICMF Stavanger - Chamber Music Festival ICMF Stavanger - Chamber Music Festival STAVANGER
(in and around Stavanger)
0 km August
International Chamber Music Festival

Kapittel Literature festival Stavanger Kapittel 10 Literature festival STAVANGER
(central Stavanger)
0 km September
annual literature festival in Stavanger

British School Bonfire night Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night - Stavanger STAVANGER
(Vaulen, south Stavanger)
5 km November
Traditional British Bonfire + fireworks

BATS play BATS theatre pantomime STAVANGER
(ISS schoolTheatre Stavanger)
5 km January
comedy pantomime in English

Syttende Mai parades 17 May Constitution Day - Syttende Mai Everywhere 0 km May
parades, flags, music and national pride

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