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Museums and Culture

This region has an impressive number of really good museums, but some of them are not open enough of the time!  Several museums - good museums - are only open on four days each year.  Luckily for us, things are improving and there are so many things for you to see - especially if you plan your timing.

the oil museum in Stavanger
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Stavanger museum
Norway is famous for being child and family-centered and this shows in many of the museums, with the Hermettik (sardine-canning), archiological, childrens (barnemuseum) and oil museums in Stavanger all working hard to inform and entertain children. The reconstructed Iron Age farm - JernAlder Gården - is definitely worth a visit

There are several museums related to shipping and life working on boats, several related to fishing (two on Karmøy - one traditional and one modern), one related to emigration to America (Stavanger).  In Bergen the Bryggen museum and the aquarium are popular.

There are also art galleries in abundance, some just to look and admire or criticise, some to look and buy, with a lot of talent represented.
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the archiology museum in Stavanger
the maritime museum in Stavanger
Sola beach near Stavanger was host to "Another place" by Antony Gormley several years ago - a hundred rusty men looking out to sea.  Today the echo of that is seen around Stavanger with the 24 iron statues called "Broken Column". The three swords - "Sverd in Fjell" - monument at Hafrsfjord near Stavanger was put up about 20 years ago to commemorate the battle in 872 that united several kingdoms into the beginnings of "Norway".

In addition to the main displays and exhibitions, look around and you may find a lot of sculpture - some serious, some sad, some funny, some just good. 

Some of the museums are not good at displaying in anything other than Norwegian, but this is improving.

The Stavanger region will be the (non-EU) European Capital of Culture 2008 - sure to be a great time to come, all through the year.

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the sardine canning museum in gamle Stavanger
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