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Restaurants Bars and Cafes

There is a wide choice out there - and this is the place to find your place, whether eating out, looking for nightlife or a place to sit down with a good cup of coffee.
Our restaurant guides and night-life guides are growing, and getting more popular all the time
You can use our restaurant finder search or bar and cafe search but if you prefer, browse from here to find what you are looking for

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Restaurants by area:


North of Stavanger
    HAUGESUND + Stord
South of Stavanger

    Sorlandet West

Bars and cafes by area:


Mountains + skiing
    Agder + Rogaland (West)

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We think you will like our service - you can either search or browse based on area and type, and the page on each restaurant, bar, cafe and club gives you a real impression of what to expect.
If you disagree with any of our descriptions or information given then please let us know - we believe that all our reviews are honest and fair.
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