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Stavanger 2008 - European Capital of Culture

16 July 2008
We are in the middle of the summer festival season in Stavanger - the Beach Volleyball has finished and Gladmat starts next week, with ONS next month. Gladmat is the biggest - and best - food festival in Scandinavia, and ONS is the largest Oil industry conference, exhibition and festival in Europe.
This year the Stavanger region is also the (non-EU) European Capital of Culture, so watch out for extra events and exhibitions

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

Cultural events and lots of cruise ships - welcome to Stavanger Coming up soon is "Adventures in Landscape", or "Eventyr i landskap", as it is known in Norwegian.

Not every cruise ship will be met by ballet dancers this year - although that would have been a fun project to propose - but the "rusty man" is part of Antony Gormley's "Broken Column" exhibit and he is there every day.

Broken column is a sequence of 24 body spaces placed around Stavanger, each 1.95 meters higher than the last, with the lowest one having just his head above the sea. You can find a location map of Broken Column at Stavanger Guide.

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