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Driving in Norway

A few tips and some information about driving a car here.

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Speed limits:

The maximum speed on a normal road here is 80 kpm (that's 50 mph), with 90 kpm being the highest speed on "motorways".  There is a sliding scale of fines for speeding, with severe consequences for going more than 20 kpm over the limits.

Drinking (alcohol) and driving:

Just don't do it.  The legal limit here is 0.2 mg of alcohol per * of blood - that is much lower than many other countries.  Regular checks are made and the consequences of failing a test (fines and prison) are severe.  Take care when arriving by car ferry.

Give way to the right:

Unless you are on a "yellow diamond" road - where you have right of way - you should give way to any vehicle entering the road from a road on your right - unless that vehicle has to give way, for instance if it is turning right and there is already traffic coming the other way.  This applies to the tiniest roads and tracks, as long as it is part of the public highway, rather than being a private entrance to a house, shop or car park.

Overtaking, and roundabouts:

There are few opportunities for overtaking on most Norwegian roads, so expect to stay behind the car in front!  If you find that a lot of traffic is building up behind you, then you will make friends by pulling over and letting them past if you get the chance.

Roundabouts have been here for a few years but there are still  quite a few people who are confused by them, so take care, even if you are used to them.

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