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Travel information for visitors to south west Norway

Whether your visit is for business or leisure, our destination guide is a resource to help you find what you need to know, with information on transport, what the region is like, and what to do while you are here

Helicopter sightseeing from Stavanger
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Where to stay:

You can search for rooms, or browse by area or interest

Trips out:

What to do and where to go while you're here.
You can search our database, or browse by area or interest

Eating and drinking:

You can browse by area or interest, or search our database for restaurants or bars clubs and cafes
Our Stavanger restaurant guide is very popular, and growing

Sports and leisure:

We have a lot of trips out that involve sports and leisure centres.
We have a good - and growing - section on ski resorts (you will find cross-country skiing options in the main trips out section).

Browse by area:


North of Stavanger
    HAUGESUND + Stord
    Hardanger area
    Ryfylke area


South of Stavanger

South coast (Sorlandet)
    Sorlandet West
    Sorlandet East

Mountains + skiing
    Agder + Rogaland (West)
    Telemark (East)
    Hordaland (NorthWest)
    Buskerud (NorthEast)

Getting here:

There are many ways to arrive here, by air, sea and land.


What sort of weather should you expect?

Special events:

There are many special events and festivals - throughout the region and throughout the year - our events section will help you find the ones that interest you.


Find out about Vikings and all the other major events in the history of the area


We have a selection of maps to help you plan your trip and get a feel for the area
region map

Weekends, city breaks and holidays

We are now putting together weekend and city break packages, with full holiday itineraries to come

Transport, Driving, Cycling:

Find out more about the train, ferry, bus and road system in the region.
Tips and information about driving in Norway.

You may need to hire a car on arrival in Norway


Links to other web sites that may interest you

Moving to Norway

If you live in the region or are thinking of moving here, then here is some information on moving to Norway

STAVANGER area HAUGESUND + Stord KRISTIANSAND Agder and Rogaland mountains
BERGEN area Hardanger area Sorlandet West Telemark mountains
South of Stavanger The Ryfylke Sorlandet East Hordaland mountains
. . . Buskerud mountains

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