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History of the region

Whether your interest is Vikings, the emigration to America (utvandring), the fishing industry, or North Sea Oil - it happened here.l

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The Vikings

Depending on your point of view, they were either artistic farmers who liked to go away on holiday a lot - and discovered America centuries before Columbus - or feared invaders of much of Europe for hundreds of years.  Fascinating stuff, either way.

The Utvandring (emigration)

Many Norwegians emigrated to America, especially in the 100 years starting around 1825.

North Sea Oil

Finding oil in the 1960's, along the boundary between Norway and Britain, transformed the economy and finances of Norway.

The Fishing Industry

Fishing - as schoolchildren all over Europe know - has always been important to Norway, and continues to be today.  It employs many people in many small ports and harbours all along the coast.  Fishing rights are also one of the main reasons why Norway has so far chosen not to join the EU.

Sardine canning

The sardine canning industry was big news from 1880 to 1920 - much of Stavanger was built on it - but the fish stocks depleted and the last factory here closed recently.  The fish have now started to return!

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