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Transport systems in North of Stavanger - Haugesund, Hardanger and Ryfylke

Fjords and mountains don't just make something interesting to look at in this area - they fundamentally limit and control what transport systems are possible here.  Not so long ago, people would be more likely to have a boat than a car!

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Road system

The E39 runs north-south close to the coast, with RV 13 taking the scenic route through the Ryfylke to Roldal, then Odda, Hardanger and Voss.  East-west the only two routes are the E134 Haugesund to  Oslo and RV 7 from Bergen through Hardanger, across the northern edge of Hardangervidda to Geilo, Hallingdal and Oslo beyond.  These routes depend on ferries bridges and tunnels to get past the fjord and mountain barriers.

Car ferries

There are many car ferries in the area.  Those along the E39 normally run throughout the day and night, but many others shut down through the night.

Fast boats

There is a good network of various types and size of fast boat throughout the area.  People commute to work on them and children take them to and from school.


There is no railway in this area - the Bergen-Oslo line is further north, the Stavanger - Kristiansand - Oslo line is further south.

Bus and coach services

Local bus services are timed to meet at least some of the ferries.  Longer-distance services link towns within the area, and beyond.


Haugesund (Karmoy) airport is on the island of Karmoy, about 20 minutes drive from Haugesund.

Stord airport is small, with small planes to Oslo, on the island of Stord.
Stavanger (Sola) airport is to the south of this area, and Bergen (Flesland) airport is to the north-west.

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