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outside view
Description: Fidjeland skitrekk is a small skisenter in upper Sirdal near Stavanger Norway. The upper T-bar and black run are rarely open. There are many hytter and also the Sirdal Høyfjellshotell at the skisenter
outside view
Location description:: Fidjeland is about 10 km north of Sinnes in upper Sirdalen - about halfway between Ådneram to the north and Ålsheia and Tjørhomfjellet near Sinnes

Ski lifts:
Express Chairlifts 0
normal chairlifts 0
T-bar drag lifts 2
button (tallerken) lifts 1
beginner conveyor belts 0
beginner rope tows 0
Lift capacity per hour: 0

normal season length::
Number of food / drink options: 0

Park facilities:
facilities for beginners:: There is a beginners button lift, with 2 runs down, but these are not as easy as the rope-tow or conveyer options at the other upper Sirdal skisenters

Fidjeland skitrekk

Local area name: Upper Sirdal

nearest town/village: Fidjeland

Resort height base: 650 m
top height: 1000 m
maximum drop: 350 m

Town centre
hotel 100 m
other accommodation

Runs / pistes / løyper: (total 3.2 km)
Green runs (2) - total 0.5 km
green runs
Blue runs (0) - total 0 km
blue runs
Red runs (2) - total 2 km
red runs
Black runs (1) - total 1 km
black runs

location map
opening times::

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