location map of upper Sirdal

location map showing Sirdal in south Norway

Upper Sirdal near Stavanger Norway

Sirdal is a very popular ski destination just 2 hours drive from Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. It is the main skiing valley of Vest Agder county, just east of Stavanger and Rogaland county. The 2 biggest ski senters - Tjørhomfjellet and Ålsheia have linked up with a new lift and slopes to ski from Ålsheia to Tjørhomfjellet and back again - AND IN 2015 YOU ONLY NEED 1(Combined) SKI PASS!!
There is currently very limited hotel accommodation, but a good range of hyttes and apartments is available - or stay in Stavanger.
Shopping is limited - the main food shop is G.P. Tjørhom near Sinnes, where the RV 45 road from Stavanger joins the FV 468 valley road.
In the summer there are roads open over the mountains - Suleskar road to Setesdal and Aust Agder, and the Lysebotn road to Lysefjord (and the ferry back to Stavanger). These roads are closed from around October to May.

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Ski centres

Tjørhomfjellet Sirdal Alpint
Ålsheia Alpint skisenter
Fidjeland skitrekk
Ådneram skitrekk
SIRDAL Ski resort - showing all 4 centres in upper Sirdal

Bjørnestad (further south, near Tonstad)

Sirdal Ski school

Winter Attractions, Activities and Trips out

Ålsheia skiing
Ålsheia evening skiing
Tjørhomfjellet chairlift skiing
Tjørhomfjellet family skiing - Huldreheimen
Furuåsen cross-country skiing

Summer Attractions, Activities and Trips out

Kjerag, Kjeragbolten and Nesatind
Lysebotn road to Lysefjord
Lysebotn and Lysefjord
Suleskar road to Setesdal
Sirdal Fjellmuseum
Ådneram to Duge cycle ride
Øygardsstølen - Eagles nest above Lysebotn

Sirdalsdagane in September - sheep gathering and party