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Gamle Skudeneshavn old wooden town

Skudeneshavn is the town at the south end of the island of Karmøy, with a ferry to Kvitsøy and Mekjarvik near Stavanger Norway
The old town is a lovely area of old wooden houses, twisting narrow roads (with almost no traffic) and boat moorings, with cafes, shops and galleries along the way.

The sailing boat Skudenes on the right
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one of the quiet lanes The lovely thing about Gamle Skudeneshavn - and other old wooden towns in the area - is that these are not museums, people live and work here. This was an important ship-building town in the tall wooden ship era, and there is still shipbuilding and fishing here today.
Most of the houses are white - and have to stay that way.
Maelandsgarden is a museum that is open in the summer season.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale 1:200 000): 2862 65624
By car:
From Stavanger take the E39 north, then take the Mekjarvik road just before the under-sea tunnel, and get the ferry to Skudeneshavn.
From Haugesund take the RV 47 south, over the bridge to Karmoy and down to the south of the island.
Several small parking areas just off the main RV 47 road
By bus
Route 540 goes from Skudeneshavn to Kopervik, route 530 goes from Kopervik to Haugesund, route 511 goes to Kopervik and Haugesund. Kolumbus took over on 1 Jan 2006
Distance from Stavanger: 40 km
Distance from Haugesund: 38 km

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roads twisting up and down, left and right
the bridge over part of the harbour Travel time from Stavanger:
2 hours or more by car
Duration of the visit:
an hour to walk around, longer for cafes shops and galleries
shops, cafes and galleries.
Kids verdict:
exploring the lanes and over the bridge is OK, but otherwise not too interesting.
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exploring Kvitsoy
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nearly all the houses are white
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