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Trips out - Sightseeing in south west Norway

Do your vacation planning before you visit. With more leisure activities, attractions and places of interest being added all the time, we have ideas of where to go and what to do, be it fjords, mountains, skiing, beaches, museums or quaint towns.
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Helicopter sightseeing from Stavanger
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Special events

When are you coming? The area hosts many festivals and special events, some of which - like the Beach Volleyball competition in late June - early July and the Gladmat (Food) festival in late July completely take over the main harbour area in Stavanger and the town takes on a carnival atmosphere.

Active and sporty?

With canoeing, cycling, hiking, windsurfing, camping, sailing, swimming, climbing, skiing (downhill and cross-country), skating, fishing and many others to choose from - depending on the time of year, of course.
After all that you probably want to work out where you would like to eat, or relax, so ask our restaurant search, or bar and cafe search for recommendations.

and have you got the best accommodation deal sorted out? ... you have if you used our hotel search and online booking system.

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North of Stavanger
    HAUGESUND + Stord
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    Ryfylke area


South of Stavanger

South coast (Sorlandet)
    Sorlandet West
    Sorlandet East

Mountains + skiing
    Agder + Rogaland (West)
    Telemark (East)
    Hordaland (NorthWest)
    Buskerud (NorthEast)

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Top Ten trips

If you want to see what the 10 most popular trips in south west Norway are - based on our users in the last month then click on the link above.

Weekends, city breaks and holidays

We are now putting together weekend and city break packages, with full holiday itineraries to come

Want to experience the scenery?

There are many ways to do that - active or relaxing - with boat trips, ferries, car tours, organised coach tours, walks and hikes to choose from, varying in duration from several hours to several days - with many stop-offs, to see salmon migrating upstream, or visit a candle, wool or pottery factory shop, for example.

Seeking culture and history?

There are many museums, galleries and exhibitions all over the area, with many towns to explore. You could also attend a concert by Stavanger's own symphony orchestra. Keep your eyes open, there are sculptures everywhere - big, small, serious or light-hearted.
This is a great place for children and we help you find family outings that they will find more interesting.

Older visitors can also easily find trips that will interest them - but choose what YOU want, not just what we think may suit you!

Finally, we understand that many visitors have small children, prams, walking sticks, wheelchairs, or electric buggies . We try to indicate those trips that are suitable, but of course this depends partly on your own energy and sense of adventure.

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