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Langgata Shopping Area, Sandnes

Sandnes is a charming little town and Langgata is indeed a long street - full of good shops and without any traffic along it - even bikes are banned!  Here you will find some of the best shops in the region, but it is also good just to stroll along, have a coffee or lunch and people-watch.

no cars allowed!
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wooden house shops This is a vibrant shopping street on a Saturday morning, much quieter on weekdays. Check opening times, especially at weekends if you are seriously wanting to buy some gifts to take home. You may be disappointed at the short shopping hours here in Norway. Don't miss all the shops hidden up and down the little side streets too.
You may also be interested in visiting the modern indoor Vagen shopping centre on the other side (east) of the railway line.
Map reference:
Kartblad 1212IV Stavanger, 117 283
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger on E39 and either take exit for Sandnes North to approach along the fjord or take the next exit for Sandnes on E509 for quicker route into the centre of town.

Central carparks
By bus:

Local bus from Stavanger Sentrum to Sandnes Sentrum bus terminal and two minutes on foot.
By train:

Local train from Stavanger to Sandnes Sentrum and two minutes on foot.
Distance from Stavanger: 15km

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a dream for shopaholics Travel time from Stavanger:
25 minutes by car 11 minutes by train 50 minutes by bus
Duration of the visit:
One hour or more
All facilities
Kids verdict:
Shopping is boring, but there are some sculptures to climb on
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