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Kristiansand Kjevik airport KRS

The airport for the south coast / Kristiansand region has the code KRS and is at Kjevik.

Do NOT confuse it with Kristiansund airport in central Norway, with airport code KSU.

It is 16 kilometers east of Kristiansand, 25 km west of Lillesand and 60 km south west of Arendal.
This south coast region is known as Sørlandet.

Hotel Kristiansand
Hotel in Sørlandet - south coast area

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Basic information

There are about 20 flights each weekday, and about 750 000 passengers per year.

Transport to / from:

Airport bus links, taxis, car hire and car parking facilities.
Airport bus link to Kristiansand up to 10 times a day, taking 20 minutes and costing 70 kroner.
Airport bus link to Lillesand, Grimstad, Fevik and Arendal up to 21 times a day.
Airport taxi deal for up to 4 passengers into Kristiansand for 230 kroner.

Airlines and Destinations:

SAS Braathens (SK) have flights to Copenhagen, Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen;

KLM (KL) the Dutch airline has flights to Amsterdam;

Norwegian (DY) have flights to London Stansted.


Please be aware that airlines do change routes and schedules - sometimes at short notice - and we do not guarantee that this information is complete, accurate or up to date.
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