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Scandinavian and SAS Braathens flights to Norway

SAS is the Danish-Swedish-Norwegian Scandinavian airline, and Braathens SAFE used to be their main competitor in Norway - but not anymore (SAFE Stood for South America Far East, back in the days before they had their international routes taken away).
Norwegian-based planes fly as SAS Braathens, other planes are labelled as Scandinavian SAS.

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Basic information

The flight code for SAS Braathens and Scandinavian SAS is SK.
This is the biggest airline in Norway, with many routes, bases and facilities.

Airports with routes in south west Norway:

Kristiansand Kjevik KRS
Stavanger Sola SVG
Haugesund Karmoy HAU
Bergen Flesland BGO
Oslo Gardermoen OSL

SAS Braathens and Scandinavian web sites: (norway) (global)


Please be aware that airlines do change routes and schedules - sometimes at short notice - and we do not guarantee that this information is complete, accurate or up to date.
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