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Rail services in the region

There are regular local trains from Stavanger south through Sandnes and the Jaeren to Egersund.
Long-distance trains operate from Stavanger south to Kristiansand. Some of these trains then travel onwards (north-east) to Oslo, others connect with trains to Oslo.
There is also a train route from Bergen to Oslo, through Voss, Geilo and the mountains, that connects with the famous Flam branch line, part of the "Norway in a nutshell" trip

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Stavanger - Kristiansand - Oslo

just north of Egersund heading towards StavangerThis is a coastal main line, with some through trains and others where you must change in Kristiansand on the south coast.  The trains are modern, having recently come into service.  There are overnight sleeper trains to Oslo. If you have trouble sleeping, try counting the tunnels!

Stavanger - Egersund local services

a fast train and local train at Stavanger stationThis regular service, with new trains, makes it possible to really explore the area from Stavanger, through Sandnes, Klepp, Bryne and onwards down to Egersund. If you have bikes it is possible to have all sorts of trips out without needing a car. Some carriages are reserved for season ticket holders at peak times.

Bergen - Oslo

This route forces it's way through the mountains, with many long tunnels and dramatic scenery, stopping at the ski resorts Voss, Geilo and Gol (for Hemsedal)

Flam railway

The Flåm railway is part of the world-famous "Norway in a Nutshell" trip. It is a branch line off the main Bergen - Oslo line, east of Voss.

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