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Bike ride from Åmøy to Mosterøy

Until 1993 these islands were served by a ferry, but now the E39 passes through under-sea tunnels north from Stavanger, and the islands are linked by bridges. This makes possible a cycle ride - on mainly quiet, narrow roads - the 15 kilometers between east Åmøy, Mosterøy and Utstein Kloster, with detours along the way if you want.

east Amoy looking towards Tau and the mountains
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the quay at east Amoy From the quay-side at Austre (east) Amoy, the road crosses Amoy, past the "Skogsti" woodland walk on the right, over the bridge to Sokn island, past the campsite and marina on the left to the bus terminal and toll booth of the E39. On a cycle track beside the E39 for 2 km over the bridge to Askje, before turning right, then left at the roundabout onto Mosteroy, past the migration period and viking remains at Vaula and the hill Mastravarden on the left to the canal between Mosteroy and Klosteroy and the hotel. Straight on to the end of the road is Utstein Kloster.
On Klosterøy is the bridge to Fjøløy and the lighthouse, on Mosterøy you can divert onto a track on the northern side, on Sokn you can divert to Bru - 2.5 km to the quay and sales of prawns and crab.
Map reference:
03140-65490 to 03047-65567 Rogaland county map(scale 1:200 000)
By car:
Take the E39 north from Stavanger, through the first undersea tunnel (233 metres below sea level), past the toll booth, and turn right off the E39 immediately for Amoy or after 2 km for Mosteroy.
Many places to park, depending on where you want to start.
By bus
Coast link bus, or nr.10 bus from Stavanger to Sokn toll booth - IF they accept bikes.
Distance from Stavanger: 20 km

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the canal between Klosteroy and Mosteroy
winter view across to Utstein Kloster Travel time from Stavanger:
20 minutes by car
Duration of the visit:
half day, full day, or longer by staying at Sokn camping or Utstein Kloster Hotell on Mosterøy.
shops and food available at several places across the islands
Kids verdict:
OK as long as they like cycling
See also:
Fjoloy lighthouse
Utstein Kloster

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