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Bymarken and Sandvika

Bymarken is a meadow and woodland area beside the mooring and small beach of Sandvika. A 45 kilometer car drive from Stavanger Norway, but only a 1.5 km boat ride from south Stavanger! In the 1930's it was set up by Stavanger Turistforeningen as the place for the people of Stavanger to relax and go rambling - complete with cafe and dance floor - but it has been little used the last 65 years

view up towards Lifjell
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view down from Lifjell with Stavanger beyond Bymarken is located on the north-west slope of Lifjell, which is the hill with TV antenna and fantastic view down over Stavanger. There is a landing jetty for boats, small sandy beach, meadow with rocks to scramble on and a large wooded area on the slope up towards Lifjell.
This place is crying out to be used, but needs a regular "public" boat service.
There is a turistforeningen trail (marked with a big red T) leading up to Lifjell, and from there you can walk down the track to Li, or hike on to Dalen, Dalsnuten or beyond.
Map reference:
Kartblad 1212IV Stavanger, 154 366
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger to Sandnes, then north again towards Hommersak then Li, right to the end of the road and locked gate where the path begins - but there is nowhere to park.
nearly all parking places along the road are clearly marked as private.
By boat
At the moment you need your own boat to get here.
Distance from Stavanger: 55km by road, or 7 km by boat

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the landing jetty
looking down the path from Lifjell - see the red T? Travel time from Stavanger:
45 minutes by car
20 minutes by boat
Duration of the visit:

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