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Lifjell by vehicle track

Lifjell is the hill with TV antenna on top just across the fjord from Stavanger, with fantastic views across the town and the hills and fjords to the mountains. The access road up to the TV and radar equipment is the easiest way up, with good views along the way to Hommersak and the Ryfylke islands and mountains, then fantastic views across Stavanger from the top.

Lifjell summit cairn and Stavanger beyond
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looking down on boats with Stavanger beyond The access road is a rough track that goes all the way up to the TV antenna - easy walking but would be very hard in places with a pram or pushchair. It is just a short scramble from there across to the cairn and the best views across the fjord.
From Riska, walk along the Li road to the first big bend down and to the right. There are two tracks on the left here - take the second one, past hyttes and farms up to the top. About 3 km each way.
From the top you can go down on the north side to Bymarken, or south to Dale or Dalsnuten. Back at the car, you could visit the harbour or park at Hommersak.
Map reference:
Kartblad 1212IV Stavanger, 173 356 to 149 355
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger on E39, then RV 13 and FV516 towards Hommersak. Left turn towards Li. Park at Riska, near the junction on the left to Li.
On the main road at Riska, as there are no public parking places on the Li road or on the track up to Lifjell
By bus
Local bus 21 from Sandnes to Riska
Distance from Stavanger: 55 km by road, or about 7 km by boat to Bymarken

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the track snaking down and back towards Hommersak
the track going down from the top Travel time from Stavanger:
45 minutes by car
Duration of the visit:
A couple of hours, depending on your party, photo stops, picnic etc
shops and Bistro in Hommersak
Kids verdict:
the track is boring, but running around at the top and having a picnic is fun
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