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Hovden Langrennsarena

About two kilometres from Hovden is the langrennsarena, and at least ten kilometres of prepared ski tracks of varying difficulty which is floodlit in the evening - ideal for combining morning downhill skiing with afternoon or evening cross-country skiing.

Hovden skisenter in the distance
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there are lots of ups... The area is used for skiing during the winter and mountain biking events during the summer.  The tracks loop through the Otrosåsen and Røyrvikåsen areas, with Otrosaasen being one of the main hytte (cottage) zones of Hovden.
Getting there:
From the centre of Hovden, cross the bridge going east, then left at the fork (right is to the downhill area.  After 1.5 km turn left.  The arena and carpark are 500 metres


Beside the arena, or ski from town along the prepared tracks
Distance from Stavanger: 230 km (via Sand)

Ideas for trips out
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and lots of downs on these trails
resting in the shade - it is NOT normally so warm! Travel time from Stavanger:
about 5 - 6 hours
Duration of the visit:
an hour or two, up to all day, or longer loops.
Kids verdict:
the 1 km loop is a good way to get used to skis
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fresh groomed trails and sunshine in late April 2007
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