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Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The Norsk Olje Museum - or Stavanger Oil Museum - is very popular, and rightly so, with a great breadth of information on the oil industry offshore Norway. It also manages to make it fascinating and fun for kids too - not an easy act to pull off.
One of many museums here, it is unusual in that it is open every day.

Norsk Olje Museum
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a dinosaur exhibition in part of the museum You will find many stands of information, but also a "helicopter" transition to life offshore, showing living conditions, the drill deck, and much more, including escape netting for children to topple down.
There are often special exhibitions (on dinosaurs, recently). There is a shop and Bølgen & Moi has a restaurant in the building
If you are an interested layman you will find this museum can keep you busy for hours. If you know the industry you may be disappointed at the lack of detail displayed on parts of the business - two Norwegian companies led the world in seismic exploration (the stage before the rigs) but you won't find much about it here.
ONS - Offshore Northern Seas is an oil industry conference and exhibition held every 2 years in Stavanger. See our reviews of 2006 here

By car / bus / train:
This is in central Stavanger, beside the sea at Kjeringholmen, between Vågen the main harbour and the fast boat terminal
There is some parking at the museum, or at one of the other nearby carparks

Distance from Stavanger: 0 km

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a future pipeline engineer?
the main display hall Travel time from Stavanger:

Duration of the visit:
Anything from an hour or so to most of the day
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Kids verdict:
Initial suspicion at the word "museum" quickly evaporates - with things to move and lift, climb or fall down, blacked-out rooms, dinosaurs - and even places to sit and colour in, this place is great
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