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Skomakarnibbå near Hjelmeland

This hike near Hjelmeland is a brilliant day trip from Stavanger - it is the third "Vertigo View" in the area, along with Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and Kjerag.
Mostly fairly easy walking, but with some steep climbs, and truly stunning views over Jøsenfjorden- and probably no-one else there.
Don't try to climb onto Skomakarnibba itself - just admire it from the rock overhang alongside.

Skomakernibba on the right vertigo view on the left
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trailing over moorland near the top The hike starts at Hagali near Hjelmeland. Walking first along farm and forest tracks, it gets steeper for a while (it could be tricky when wet) before changing again to a path across moorland on the top - and bushes laden with berries in August / September.
There is a cairn at the top of the hill Høgeheia but the main attraction is the overhanging rock slab from which to look across at Skomakarnibba and down over Josenfjord.
On the way back, enjoy the views out over the islands of the Ryfylke, before starting the climb down.
What is most amazing about this walk is how quiet it is - probably only 1000 or so people come to Skomakarnibbå each year, even though it would draw hundreds of thousands anywhere else. That is part of what makes Norway so special.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart: 3447 65728
By car:
From Stavanger take the ferry to Tau and drive up RV13 to Hjelmeland (or take the tunnels to Rennesøy, and ferries via Finnøy and Ombo to Hjelmeland). Through Hjelmeland on the road to Tøtlandsvik, then quickly left and up the hill on a narrow road to Hageli. There are a few parking places before the farm.
About 6 places just before the farm - by Skomakernibba information boards.

Distance from Stavanger: about 50 km from Tau ferry

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standing on the platform beside Skomakarnibba - vertigo optional
looking over Jøsenfjord and Skomakarnibba on the right Travel time from Stavanger:
1 hour by car plus ferry time
Duration of the visit:
This will take 6 - 7 hours, more if you stop to pick berries
Kids verdict:
Seemed like a long drag at first, but gets better and the drop at the top REALLY scares grown-ups.
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looking west towards the islands of Ryfylke - the carpark is by the lake
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