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Stavanger Kunstisbane - outside ice skating

The Kunstisbane (literally "artificial ice track") is where the local speed skaters go in the winter - when it is cold enough. If the outside temperature is above 5 degrees C then the ice turns to a soft mush. There are hopes of investment that will make it usable more of the time.
The public can use it much of the time, with hundreds of people - many of them young children - coming for some fun on the ice.

starting to skate - with help from a crate
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bring your gloves This is a very popular place to come with children - and it is free as long as you have your own ice skates (which can be bought in shops for about 300 kroner). Skates can also be rented here.
Young children can get around by pushing plastic drink bottle crates around (the yellow box in the pictures). The system of having slow skaters on the outside of the track and fast skaters on the inside, with everyone going anti-clockwise works fairly well.
There is now a small outside ice rink at Kleppe, at the Jaerhagen shopping centre and the really special treat is when the lakes freeze over - and are pronounced to be safe - then thousands of people will be out - at Little Stokka lake, for example.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale 1:200 000): 3112 65376
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger on the E39, come off at the second junction - before the tunnel - towards Hillevaag; turn right at the roundabout to Mariero. Turn right after about 400m over the bridge over the motorway, then left into car park after 100m.
At the ice rink (turn left off the road) or just beyond, on the right side.
By bus
Local bus 11 from Stavanger Sentrum towards Hinna and 500m walk
Distance from Stavanger: 3 km

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a close-up check on the ice?
busy but still plenty of space Travel time from Stavanger:
10 minutes by car
25 minutes by bus
Duration of the visit:
an hour, or much longer if you bring a picnic
Carpark     Toilets
Skate hire and refreshments at times.
Kids verdict:
Brilliant. Dress me warm, give me warm drinks and hot dogs.
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