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Sauda skisenter at Svandalen

Sauda skisenter is at Svandalen, about 8 kilometers from Sauda, in the Ryfylke area of west Norway, the northern part of Rogaland county.
It is special for several reasons: you get a great view of Saudafjord (the sea) from the slopes, the top lift goes up to 850m, it is 6 kilometers down by the longest (easiest) slopes, and you can come here for the day by boat from Stavanger or bus from Haugesund.

Sauda has wide and long slopes
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beginners area was new for 2007 There are two T-bar lifts from the facilities at the bottom, another T-bar lift that takes you further up the hill to Smalanuten, and another button (tallerken) lift up to Tjuanutane, at 850 metres.
Don't be fooled by the few lifts - the scale of this ski resort is BIG - with long runs and wide slopes, and with big plans for the future.
New for 2007 is a beginners area with button lift, just beside the ski-hire shop.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale 1:200 000): 3446 66127
By car:
Drive north from Stavanger on the E 39, then east on the E 134 to Ølen, then right onto the RV 46 to Ropeid, for Sand and Sauda. Take the FV 520 north to Sauda at Ropeid. Turn left up to Svandalen at Saudasjøen, 3 km before Sauda, and just after you pass Svandalsfossen waterfall
At the bottom of the slopes
By bus:
from Karmøy and Haugesund each Saturday and Sunday, and ski-boat from Stavanger as well

Distance from Stavanger: 160 km
Distance from Sauda: 8 km

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2 T-bar lifts means not much queueing
the top lift to Tjuvanutane Travel time from Stavanger:
3 hours by car
2 hours by ski-boat
Duration of the visit:
one or more days
Carpark, toilets, ski rental, cafe, varmestue, bar
Kids verdict:
The beginners area is quite large, with two runs down. The main slopes can keep more advanced skiers happy too.
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