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Bus and Coach services in south west Norway

South West Norway has a good network of bus services - local buses, express services between cities, airport buses, as well as special buses - to the ski resorts during the winter, for example.

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Local bus services

In the Stavanger and Haugesund regions Kolumbus runs the bus services.
In Bergen TIDE runs the buses.
For Kristiansand, which sits by the boundary of West and East Agder, see 177-agder.

Express bus services

Many of these long-distance bus services are run by Nor-way and include:
Kystbussen between Stavanger and Bergen, through Haugesund and Stord;
Sørvestekspressen between Stavanger and Kristiansand;
Sørlandekspressen between Kristiansand and Oslo;
Telemarkekspressen from Seljord through Telemark, including Bø, Skien, Porsgrunn and Torp;
Haukeliekspressen between Haugesund and Oslo.
The Torpekspressen service runs from Sandefjord Torp airport to Oslo.

Airport buses

To find out more about airport buses, follow the link to the arrivals page and choose an airport.

Ski-bus services

Most of the big towns will have some sort of ski bus service to the nearest ski resorts.
In Stavanger, there is a skibuss to Tjørhomfjellet Fidjeland and Ådneram in Sirdal and another skibussen to Ålsheia - also in Sirdal.

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