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Ski bus Stavanger to Tjørhomfjellet and other ski centres in Sirdal

This service runs Saturday and Sunday during the skiing season, plus Vinterferie and Easter and also every Tuesday to Thursday from 22 February 2010.
There is an additional one-way service to Sirdal on Friday evening.
Note: For the 2011-2012 season, all four skisenters in Sirdal are using the same shared bus service, and you buy the skipass for the place you want, along with the bus ticket

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Bus timetable

The bus is operated by TIDE / Sverre Haga and departs Stavanger at 08:20 arriving in Sinnes around 10:00  The return jouney leaves Tjørhomfjellet at 16:25 (earlier for Ådneram, Fidjeland and Aalsheia)

For evening skiing at Ålsheia (Wednesday and Friday) use the separate Aalsheia skibussen


It costs 250 kroner (200 for children) for a return ticket from Stavanger, plus 250 a day ski pass for Tjørhomfjellet - the lift pass alone normally costs 315 kroner at Tjorhomfjellet or Ålsheia.
Prebook and prepay except for the Friday evening one-way to Sirdal.


Remember that departure of the skibus depends on snow and weather conditions

Book the Sirdal snøbussen

Stavanger - Sirdal weekend break

Take a look at our weekend break that uses this bus service - you may be surprised at how good a deal you can get!

Tjørhomfjellet and Ålsheia 2011

Tjorhomfjellet is the newest ski resort in Sirdal with the first express chairlift in Sirdal. With a family friendly side as well, it appeals to skiers of all abilities.
Since the 2008 season, it has been possible to ski to and from Aalsheia, the biggest skisenter in Sirdal, at weekends and holidays.
The two centres are not merged Since 2010-11 the two centres have not been merged AND IN 2011-12 you need TWO skipasses !!!

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