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Kristiansand ferry port

Kristiansand's ferry terminal is on one side of the Kvadraturen - the 1 kilometer square centre of the city, with straight streets, laid out in the 17th century.
Kristiansand and the south coast area - known as Sørlandet - are very popular holiday destinations, as well as being a gateway to the rest of Norway.

Hotel Kristiansand
Hotels in Sørlandet (south coast)

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Basic information

The car ferry port in Kristiansand is beside the bus and rail terminals and the E39 and E18 roads join the ferry.

Transport to / from:

It is an easy walk from the ferry to buses or trains, and the main roads are close by, as is the city centre, which is especially popular during the summer.

Ferry lines and routes:

Color line operate a route to Hirtshals Denmark, with two ferries and many sailings each week.

DFDS Seaways used to operate a route with two sailings per week from Gothenberg (Goteborg) Sweden to Kristiansand and on to Newcastle England.
This route was stopped in October 2006.


Please be aware that ferry lines do change routes and schedules - sometimes at short notice - and we do not guarantee that this information is complete, accurate or up to date.
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