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Gol replica stave church in Hallingdal

Gol stave church was built around the year 1200, but was dismantled in 1885 and is now at the Norwegian Folkmuseum in Oslo.
The stave church (or Stavkyrkje) in Gol today is a replica - but impressive, and lovingly constructed.
Gol is in Hallingdal, Buskerud county, Norway. There are several ski resorts near here, including Hemsedal, Geilo, Storfjell and Golfjell.

main front view of Gol stave church replica
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a side view showing the roof design Gol stave church was built in the "Borgund" style - named after the church that still exists at Borgund in Sogne and Fjordane to the north, which was built in about 1150. The 1880's was a bad time for the stave churches, with many being destroyed to build new churches on the same site - perhaps the echo of Viking Gods did not sit well with the church at the time.
The original church was dismantled (saved) in 1885 and is now a centrepiece of the Norwegian Folk Museum at Bygdoy in Oslo.
The replica was built fairly recently.
Map reference:
By car:
Gol stave church is near the centre of Gol, just off the RV 7 and RV 52 roads.
near Pers hotel
By bus
  By train:
You can take the train to Gol - it is on the main Oslo - Bergen line
Distance from Stavanger: 400 km
Distance from Geilo: 50 km   Distance from Hemsedal: 30 km

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ornate carved door frame and iron door decoration
ornate roof details Travel time from Stavanger:
8 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
half an hour to an hour.
Visitor centre including exhibition on Viking Gods is open during the summer.
Kids verdict:
Not too interesting, but good to get out of the car and have a run around.
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door guardian and wooden tiles
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