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Hardangervidda drive Eidfjord to Geilo

The RV 7 road goes from Bergen to Oslo but the section over Hardangervidda from Eidfjord in Hardanger to Geilo in Buskerud county, leading into Hallingdal is the most spectacular part - and the most difficult to keep open in the winter. Do not be too surprised to find that the road is closed at night, or reduced to single-file convoys in alternate directions.

Eidfjord with HardangerJokulen glacier and Hardangervidda beyond
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several tunnels going east out of Eidfjord At Brimsnes RV 7 crosses Hardangerfjord and goes east to Eidfjord - with Quality Hotel Voringfoss - before starting the climb past Voringfoss waterfall and onto Hardangervidda, with the Hardanger Jokulen glacier to the north. Past the small ski resort of Maurseth and turisthyttas like Dyranut (snow-blasted in the winter) and onwards to Haugastol. Look out for kite-skiers. From Haugastol the road is close to the railway and much less wild, passing through Ustaoset on the way to Geilo, with its hotels.
There is no other road for 50 km to the north, or 70 km to the south - the only other way to experience this is on foot or ski, going from cabin to cabin across the Hardangervidda.
Map reference:
Hordaland Fylkeskart (scale 1:250 000): 4300 67000

By train
Trains on the Oslo-Bergen line stop at Haugastol, Ustaoset and Geilo
Distance from Stavanger: 300 km
Distance from Bergen: 150 km

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the banks of snow are deep in places
snow-blowers try to keep the road open Travel time from Stavanger:
5-6 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
two hours to drive, plus stops

Kids verdict:
some stops are OK but otherwise not interesting
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