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Ryfylkeveien mountain road between Sauda and Røldal

This road was completed in 1960 as part of the development of hydro-electricity projects in the area. Today it is an amazing trip by car or motor bike over the mountains and part of the Ryfylkevegen and Fjordvegen tourist routes. It is part of the FV 520 county road between Sauda in Rogaland county and Roldal in Hordaland county, in the Ryfylke area of west Norway.
Only open from about June to October - this road is deeply covered in snow through the winter months.

42 km to Sauda but only in the summer
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hay drying the old-fashioned way The road is 41 kilometers long, and fairly narrow and winding, so it may take a little longer than you expect to drive or ride it.
In winter the road is closed between Breiborg (about 15 km from Sauda) and Røldal.
There are many contrasts - lakes and waterfalls, wild mountains and snow banks in summer, small farms, woodland, rivers - and an amazing landscape to build a road through.
Stop and see the Zinc mines (book in advance), complete with river walk and waterfalls - it is well worth it.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale 1:200 000): 3620 66240
By car:
There are many ways to link this drive into your trip, with Sauda at the south west end and Røldal at the north east.

Distance from Stavanger: 180 km
Distance from Bergen:

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coming down towards Roldal
waterfalls and hydro-electric stations Travel time from Stavanger:
3.5 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
It takes about an hour, or longer with stops along the way

Kids verdict:
Bends in the road are not our favourite thing, but we would love to go in the Zinc mines.
See also:
Sauda zinc mines at Allmannajuvet
Svandalsfossen waterfall near Sauda
Høllandsfossen waterfall in Sauda
Åbøbyen workers house museum
Sauda guided activities (canoeing, fishing, snow-shoeing etc)
still plenty of snow in mid-July
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