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The Islands

The west coast of Norway has many thousands of islands and skerries. The islands in Ryfylke, to the north and west of Stavanger are in a large, protected bay. The most westerly these islands are dotted with historical sites from the Viking Age and even more ancient times.The scenery varies from flat moorland to hilly and forested. All are beautiful, peaceful, and unspoilt - just perfect for a holiday.
The mouth of Hardanger fjord further north is also full of islands - many only accessible by ferry

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On the island of Mosterøy is Utstein Kloster, Norway's only preserved medieval monastery probably built on the ancient site of a royal estate. Rennesøy island has one of the oldest preserved churches from 1140.

The island of Karmøy is full of history relating to the period of unification in Norway. It has cultural monuments like St. Olavs church at Avaldsnes, plus stories and sagas going back thousands of years before the Viking age. Gamle Skudenes is the wooden town at the south end

Today, life in the islands is still at a much slower pace than in the big towns like Stavanger. It is very relaxing here. But the fast boats and ferries can be seen busily criss-crossing between the islands taking commuters in and out of the towns.

The "capital" of the Ryfylke islands is Judaberg on Finnøy. One day a road tunnel may come here, but for now you still need at least one ferry to get here.

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Many of the islanders work with the sea, or on the farms - some of which produce vast quantities of tomatoes under glass.

If you're passing through this area then you can island-hop from ferry to ferry. But better still, rent a cottage (hytte) with a small motor boat and explore for yourself.

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