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Old towns - wooden settlements

Gamle Stavanger is the largest surviving wooden settlement in northern europe.
The Bryggen in Bergen is a UNESCO world heritage site.
Gamle Skudeneshaven on Karmoy, Egersund, Sogndalstrand in Dalene, Flekkefjord, Mandal and Kristiansand also have old wooden settlements.  The best bit is - they're not museums, the buildings are lived in and usually are privately-owned.
The "Gamle" part in some names means old.

Gamle Stavanger summer stroll
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Gamle Stavanger down towards the harbour
Each one of these areas is unique in its own way, and there are other areas in these towns and elsewhere that are just as special, but possibly not so famous.

Gamle Stavanger is just beside the harbour, where the England and Denmark ferries and cruise ships dock.  It is not commercialised, just quiet car-free streets to walk in, and the Hermettik museum - the only museum in the world where you can put fresh sardines in tins - very popular with children.

The bryggen area of Bergen has become a major tourist destination, and features a (modern) museum that describes the history of the area and the archiological finds.

In Kristiansand the Posebyen area is not car-free, but Saturday is market day, when the place comes to life.
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a quiet Mandal street
a quiet part of gamle Stavanger
Mandal is blessed with a good climate and shops and restaurants.

Gamle Skudeneshavn on Karmoy (between Stavanger and Haugesund) used to be a ship-building centre - in Norway a full-rig wooden sailing boat is called a Skude.

Sogndalstrand near Hauge i Dalene, Loshavn near Farsund, Aavik near Lindesnes, Lillesand, and Hollen near Kristiansand are a few of the other places that in any other country would be famous around the world for their quiet, old-world, unspoilt village atmosphere, and busy with tourists.

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Mandal back street
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