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Old road from Giljastølen to Frafjord

In about 2000, a new tunnel was built through the mountain from Gilja to Frafjord. The old road used to go over the top (Giljastølen) and snake down the mountain side to Frafjord.
The road up to Giljestolen from Gilja is still open, but the other part is closed and unused. Untill it falls apart or blocked by rock falls, this makes a wonderful walk - or better still, bike ride - down the road to Frafjord, which is a good place for a picnic or barbeque, with a good camp site beside the sea.

a bend with a big view - and nothing coming the other way
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a view straight down to the destination in Frafjord We recommend that you get one member of the party to drop you off at the top and meet you at the bottom, but if that seems too easy, you can go both ways.
Please be sensible - make sure your bikes are well-maintained, and don't go too fast in case of something unexpected up ahead. The road is almost blocked on one bend by rubble.  That said, this has fantastic views, completely peaceful and no traffic. In April we were the first to use it in months. Enjoy. This makes part of a day trip from Stavanger Norway.
From the bottom, Månafossen waterfall is only a few minutes away by car, and Gloppedal with its glacial terminal moraine, and Byrkjedal kro with good food, candle shop and dipping and farm buildings are a few minutes up the valley from Gilja.
Map reference:
430 244 - 432 260
Rogaland county map(scale 1:200 000)
By car:
From Stavanger south down the E39 past Algard, then left onto the RV45 past Dirdal, then left to Gilja and up the hill to Giljastølen. Driver then comes down, through the tunnel and left turn down to the settlement of Frafjord by the end of the fjord.
By bus:
Distance from Stavanger: 50 km

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one reason the road closed - fallen rocks
a lot of work went into making this road - now closed Travel time from Stavanger:
1 hour by car
Duration of the visit:
an hour, plus photo stops

Kids verdict:
Exciting but safe fun as soon as they are on two wheels and know their brakes. Picnic at the bottom even better.
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