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Gloppedalsura terminal moraine barrier

10 000 years ago, this terminal moraine blocked up the valley as the glaciers retreated. The resulting dam behind it had to find a way out - and now the Hunnedal river runs down past Gilja to Dirdal instead of south west to Vikesa and Egersund.
This forms part of a day trip from Stavanger Norway.

on gloppedalsura looking down the valley
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these are LARGE blocks of rock It should not take long to see the scale of this, and the power of the glaciers to carry such big boulders, until the glaciers lost their strength and retreated, unable to push past the barrier they had made.
A few minutes to the north east is Byrkjedal, with restaurant, shop, and farm plus candle-dipping for children. Beyond it is Hunnedalen and the route into Sirdal. North west from Byrkjedal is Gilja, Giljastølen, Frafjord and Månafossen waterfall - lots of day-trip possibilities.
Map reference:
Rogaland county map(scale 1:200 000) 3426 65176

By car:
From Stavanger south down the E39 past Ålgård, then left onto the RV45 past Dirdal and Gilja then right at Byrkjedal kro and on for about five minutes along the RV503. This road has suffered long closures in recent years, south west of Gloppedalura, but a new tunnel has solved this.
: 2 small stopping places
By bus

Distance from Stavanger: 50 km

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sand beach washed out below - and green lake water
the moraine seen from the south west Travel time from Stavanger:
1 hour by car
Duration of the visit:
about half an hour
Kids verdict:
scrambling on the rocks OK, but other sights and treats today will be better.
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