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Byrkjedal kro - the "Candle Factory"

Byrkjedal is a very popular stopping place between Stavanger and the skiing areas of Sirdal, but also popular for itself. Good food, a candle shop, candle dipping for children and a small rebuilt farm to explore outside.
The restaurant and shop are covered separately.

trolls guarding the sheep
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what IS in there? Outside the restaurant and shop a small summer mountain farm has been re-created, as it used to be up on Giljastølen until 60 years ago.
Inside the shop, buy plain white candles then dip them in one of four different coloured vats of molten wax - to make your own coloured candles.
So many possibilities - up through Hunnedalen to Sirdal, Lysebotn or Suleskard roads; south west to Gloppedal, north west to Gilja, Frafjord and Månafossen waterfall and good walks.
This is a good place to stop on the popular Lysefjord boat and Sirdal round-trip from Stavanger.
Map reference:
Rogaland county map(scale 1:200 000) 446 187
By car:
From Stavanger south down the E39 past Algard, then left onto the RV45 past Dirdal and Gilja. It is on the right after another 5 kilometers.
plenty of parking outside
By bus
: Local bus 48 from Ålgård
Distance from Stavanger: 60 km

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candle-dipping is the favourite activity of most kids (and some adults)
an impressive resident Travel time from Stavanger:
1 hour by car
Duration of the visit:
an hour or more
Carpark, toilets, shop, kro restaurant
Kids verdict:
looking round the farm is OK, candle dipping is a favourite.
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