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Gamle Stavanger

Gamle Stavanger, also known as Straen, is the largest surviving wooden house settlement in northern Europe. It is a beautiful area of little wooden houses and cobbled streets along the west side of the harbour - just where the cruise ships moor during the summer.
Almost totally un-commercialised, there are a few galleries to watch artists at work and the sardine canning museum.

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sculptures in the little park near the Straen senter Nearly all the houses are white (only a few are allowed to be another colour) and they vary in age from less than 100 to about 300 years. The houses are lived in and most are privately owned.
There are little play areas, bench seats here and there. In the small park at the southwest corner, near the Straen centre are some sculptures.
This is in central Stavanger. Walk from the fish market around the harbour clockwise taking any of the streets on the left up into Gamle Stavanger.

Extend the walk further to the north and visit Bjergsted Park, or visit the Hermetikk museum.
Walk around the harbours on the Blue Promenade, or browse the shopping and restaurant areas on the other side of the harbour
Map reference:
Kartblad 1212IV Stavanger 3117 65417
Central carparks
Hotels in the Stavanger area
Restaurants in the Stavanger area
Bars and cafes in the Stavanger area

Distance from Stavanger: 0km

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a quiet corner
another peaceful cobbled street Travel time from Stavanger:
0 minutes
Duration of the visit:
30 minutes or longer
Cafe and toilets in Straen shopping centre

Kids verdict:
Lovely little playgrounds.
Fun to can sardines in the museum.
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