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Stavanger Blue Promenade

The Blue Promenade (or Blaa Promenade) stretches 3 km across the centre of Stavanger, all around the harbours, from Badedammen the sea-water open air swimming pond in the east to the new Concert Hall in the west.
The style varies, but a high point are the blue lights set in the floor around Vaagen, the main harbour.

the east side of Vaagen, towards the fish market
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the west side of Vaagen, away from the fish market, towards the concert hall This is an interesting walk or cycle ride to do, especially in the evening, when the lights are on, but there is still some light in the sky.
The blue promenade is a lovely way to bring together all the little harbours around the centre of the city.
There are many other places of interest along the way, depending on your interests. There are shops, bars, restaurants, galleries, museums, pedestrian streets, gamle Stavanger, the concert hall and Bjergsted park. Need to cool off? - Badedammen is at the eastern end. Tired? There are hotels on, and close to, the route, including the Victoria hotel and Skagen Brygge Hotell which both face onto Vaagen.
Map reference:
Kartblad 1212IV Stavanger, 3116 65419 to 3131 65416
By car:
Drive into central Stavanger
Central carparks By bus:
Bus to Stavanger Sentrum By train:
Train to Stavanger Sentrum
Distance from Stavanger: 0km

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The World comes to see the Blue Promenade
passing the fish sellers on their boats at Ostervagskaien, east of the main harbour Travel time from Stavanger:
0 minutes
Duration of the visit:
1 hour or more
Toilets opposite fish market

Kids verdict:
Fun to look at all the boats along the way.
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strolling past the boats in Vaagen
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