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Hunnedalen road to Sirdal

The road from Ålgård (just south of Stavanger and Sandnes, on the E 39) to Sirdal is called RV 45. It winds up and down past Oltedal, Dirdal, Gjesdal and Byrkjedal before heading up a steep and impressive valley called Hunnedalen (or Hundedalen on some maps). In summer there are lots of sheep - in winter there is lots of snow, and sometimes the road is closed. Near the top is a large community of hytter (cottages) - all without power or piped water.

a clear road down to the coast
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Family hytte life - with a dog pulling 3 children - 1 in the pulk and 2 on a rope This valley contained a glacier which ran down beyond Byrkjedal towards Vikeså. It retreated leaving the terminal moraine at Gloppedal, called Gloppedalsura, damming up a lake which cut the new river route down to Gjesdal and Dirdal - another impressive, classic "U-shaped" glacial valley.
This road is sometimes quiet and sometimes VERY busy, with convoys of cars going up to Sirdal or back again. It is being improved, is narrow in places and can be dangerous anywhere - without warning - in the winter.
There are several popular walks and ski trails from the road going north or south, with some linking in to the network of Turistforening hyttes, which make it possible to travel for days or weeks across the mountains - if you are well-equipped and experienced.
The cottages you see from the road are a wide mix of new and old, basic or quite luxurious - but all warm, cosy and welcoming. They are all privately owned, mainly by families living in the Stavanger region.
Map reference:
Rogaland map, 65290 3610
By car:
South from Stavanger on E 39, turn left onto RV 45 south of Ålgård.
There are some public parking areas and some reserved for hytte owners
By bus:
The skibuss services to Sirdal pass through here and the Sirdalsekspressen runs for about 2 months in the Summer.

Distance from Stavanger: 75 km

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Icy road down, and looks like we have a convoy
Sunshine, snow and cosy cottages Travel time from Stavanger:
about 1.5 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
It takes about an hour to drive through, with optional stops for photos, berry-picking, walks, picnics or skiing.
Some carparks, some with (smelly) toilets.
Kids verdict:
This can be a very boring journey for kids - but they love stopping at Byrkjedal to dip candles, or go to Månafossen to see the waterfall - and sometimes they're asleep after a long day hiking or skiing in Sirdal.
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