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Sirdal Fjell museum and tourist information

Sirdal Fjellmuseum - or mountain museum - is at Kvæven in upper Sirdal, between Sinnes and Haugen to the south and Fidjeland, Ådneram, the Lysebotn road and Suleskard road to Setesdal to the north. This is skiing country in the winter, with cross-country ski trails everywhere and several growing alpine ski resorts.
The Sirdal information centre run by Sirdalsferie is also here.
It features scenes from norwegian rural life, as well as a wide range of preserved buildings.

Sirdal Fjellmuseum and information centre
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the church at Kvaeven The museum has a small exibition inside on life in the past - including old horse-drawn sled and cart, and an old snowmobile. The various wild and domestic animals of the area are also covered.
Outside over quite a large area are various types of old rural building, from barns with a grass roof to old hunting shacks covered in galvanised sheet.
This is the location of Sirdalsdagane each September when around 50,000 sheep are gathered up.
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By car:
From the E39, take RV45 to Sinnes and Sirdal. Turn left in Sinnes towards Suleskard. The museum and visitor centre is on your right about 2 km past Haugen, with the distinctive church on the left.
in front of the centre

Distance from Stavanger: 108 km

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Sirdal Bunads - norwegian national costume
inside the museum Travel time from Stavanger:
2 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
about an hour or so
Carpark and toilets
Kids verdict:
not particularly interesting
See also:
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Sirdal Fjellgolf at Kvaeven
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old farm buildings preserved
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