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Øygardsstølen - Ørneredet - Eagles Nest above Lysebotn

This cafe/restaurant has fantastic views over the cliffs 640 metres above Lysbotn, at the end of Lysefjord - one of the pearls of Fjord Norway.
There is a viewing platform outside, and seats by the windows inside.
The car park here is the start of the hike to the famous Kjerag boulder - Kjeragbolten - and stunning views down Lysefjord at nearby Nesatind

Oygardsstolen cafe and viewing platform
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from above, on the Kjerag walk Øygardsstølen is an impressive building - all the more so if you see it in bad weather - and is a popular stop along the road, as well as for cruise ship passengers visiting Stavanger.
If you don't have the time or energy for the hike to Kjerag, you could walk part way up the first climb, for even better views.
Down below is the road with 27 hairpin bends and a tunnel that spirals through the mountain to Lysebotn with car ferries and fast boats through Lysefjord.
Thirty kilometers along the Lysebotn road - only open in the summer - is Sirdal, with hiking, cycling and other activities in the summer, and skiing in the winter.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart: (Scale 1:200,000) Grid ref: 3 652 65 474

By car:
From the E39, take RV45 to Sinnes and Sirdal. Turn left in Sinnes towards Suleskard. Just before Suleskard , turn left onto the Lysebotn road .
Near the end of the Lysebotn road, at Oygardsstolen.

Distance from Stavanger: 150 km

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viewing platform
perched on the cliff Travel time from Stavanger:
2.5 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
half an hour
Carpark, Toilets, cafe
Kids verdict:
The view was great, but we didn't like all the bends which make us feel carsick.
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