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The Mountains

The full length of the two thousand kilometres of the west coast of Norway is backed by mountains, which are cut into by fjords, producing some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.
Luckily for visitors who don't have time to drive thousands of kilometers on slow narrow roads, some fantastic mountains, fjords, roads, tunnels glaciers and waterfalls are to be found in this region.

looking down Hunnedalen, between Sirdal and Stavanger
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near Hovden with the alpine ski centre in the background
The Hardangervidda is a huge area without roads to the east (inland) of Hardangerfjord.  It is possible to ski or hike across it from hut to hut, taking days or weeks away from civilisation.
To the south of Hardangervidda is the Setesdalheiene with ski resorts like Hovden and Rauland, with more ski resorts and the canal further east in Telemark.
To the west of Hardangervidda is the Folgefonn glacier, with the Hardangerjokulen glacier to the north.

Closer to Stavanger, there are mountains to the east and north east, in the Ryfylke and Sirdal.  The RV45 through Hunnedalen is the link from upper Sirdal to Sandnes and Stavanger, with Frafjord and Manafossen waterfall being a short diversion off to the north.

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Manafossen waterfall
Madland from Brekko in Gjesdal kommune, south-east of Stavanger
some of the hair-pin bends on the road above Lysebotn
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