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Sandnes is situated at the southern end of Gandsfjord, just 11 minutes down the railway line from Stavanger.  It grew up through the brick and pottery industries in the 18th century, with millions of DBS bikes produced more recently (sadly no more).  It has very good shopping, hotels, fantastic cycle routes and now a new guest harbour.

guest harbour and culture house behind
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Storaana riverside walk near Sandvedparken
The strange symbol you see on the coat of arms and elsewhere that looks a bit like a pottery alladin's lamp is a cuckoo whistle - a trademark used by Sandnes pottery traders to let people know they'd arrived in their town, by giving these "Sandnes gauker" to the children.

Sandnes has an excellent network of cycle trails (like the one beside Storaana, leading to Ganddal and Stokkelandsvatnet) which gives it the title of "Sykkelbyen" - the cycle town.  There are even "public" bikes around town to be rented until you park them back at another stand.

The shopping here is very good - not just a lot of shops but some very good quality and interesting shops. Langgata is the longest shopping street in Norway.
There are good restaurants as well - including Charles & De by Charles Thessem, one of Norway's top chefs.

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there are many ways to appreciate the many sculptures and statues
langgata car-free shopping area - when the shops were closed!
Sandnes is perfectly situated to explore the Jaeren to the south, the Ryfylke and fjord Norway to the East and north-east, or Stavanger, the north Jaeren and the journey on to Haugesund and Bergen in the north. It is little more than an hour to upper Sirdal, with skiing in the winter or hiking and the Suleskard road to Setesdal in the summer.

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